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All About Us

Pawsitively Lucky Pets started life in 2020 at a time when many people were at home struggling with the confines of Covid-19. For some, a dog was the best way of ensuring they were able to leave the house. For others, working from home became the norm, which is how Pawsitively Lucky Pets was able to help. To ensure that the family dog was still given the attention required, we stepped in for those who weren't always able to find the time to go for a walk. 


We have now grown into a trusted local service, providing many families with help and support for their pets - because we don't just look after dogs! From dog walking to home visits, our small, friendly, and professional team do all they can to ensure your beloved pet is cared for. Fully Insured, DBS checked, and a qualified Canine First Aid trainer available, we can cater to many of your 'at home' pet needs.

All pets are welcome in the Pawsitively Lucky Pets community so we hope you'll join us for our next adventure!


Meet the team...



Founder of Pawsitively Lucky Pets, Michelle has loved and cared for many a pet in her lifetime. She was awarded a distinction in her Animal Management Dip and has worked within the pet care industry for many years. She is also canine first aid trained and is the team's go-to lady for all things dog and pet related! 


Michelle is the driving force behind the team (and her family!). 





Partner to Michelle, Tom comes from a very different background, but is no stranger to dogs or, for that matter, fish. Tom has had a penchant for the tropical fish for some years and keeps a well-stocked tank of some particularly lovely aquatic life. 


The move from an ordinary day job to help Michelle with the growing business seemed inevitable, and now he's an old hand with all the dogs. He's taken to the job like a dog to a bone and is looking forward to building the Pawsitively community further.




Fern has been with the Pawsitively team for several months now and has settled in nicely. Fern has been working with dogs for many years and is fast friends with our furry customers. 

Fern is started part-time but fairly quickly increased her workload! 





Finally Pawsitively would like to welcome Liz to the team. Liz is providing some much-needed admin support to our growing business.

Of course Liz knows that 'admin' is an all-encompassing term which means she's been known to do the shopping from time-to-time! 

Welcome Liz!


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